We can provide our customers with installation services for any item we sell, from valves to heat exchangers. Also, we repair everything we sell, either in-house or through specialized vendors.

we install

  • Valves
  • Heat Exchangers
  • and more

we repair

  • Everything we sell
  • In our own workshops
  • Also in specialized workshops

predictive maintenance

Steam traps



A malfunctioning steam trap is difficult to detect, since they are hermetic equipment whose malfunctioning can easily go unnoticed unless it causes a decrease in performance or increases fuel consumption. Both cases, however, make it hard to attribute the problems to a particular trap’s poor condition.



When the fault is detected, it is because it has grown so large that its effects already appear to be harmful; though the problems began much earlier. This is why predictive maintenance is the best solution: periodic monitoring of traps with a system that allows problems to be detected at an early stage and repairing or replacing malfunctioning traps.


Our services

With our predictive maintenance service, you can be confident that your traps will always function properly because faults are detected at an early stage, before they can become a serious problem. Additionally, you receive a report upon completing each action, enabling you to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of steam trap management. Please consult our specific brochure for more detailed information.


Steam systems


Steam installation regulatory compliance.


Energy consumption of gas/other fuel related to steam.


Steam installation analysis.


Proposals for improving energy efficiency.


See our technical data sheet on energy savings through audits.

customized systems

Installations on racks

Seditesa’s extensive experience in the field of steam and heat exchange, in general, enables us to design, construct, and deliver assembled and ready-to-use solutions to our customers. In general, there are three types of installations, on which a wide variety of variants can be implemented: installations for hot water production using steam as the heating source, installations for recovering condensates, and special installations.

Hot water production systems

Many industries, especially the food industry, require fast and reliable hot water production.

Condensate recovery systems

Steam-consuming installations retain approximately 25% of the primary energy consumed in their condensate, therefore condensate recovery is critical to achieving maximum energy efficiency.

Special installations

Based on our extensive experience in steam technology and thermal processes in general, SEDITESA is capable of designing and constructing rack-mounted equipment that can perform one or more processes simultaneously or sequentially.